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oz_064_alcalme Alcalme



Available in a 25ml bottle.

  • This essence was inspired by the precious gifts given to One whose light burned brilliantly some 2000 years ago.
  • With a hint of the fragrance of the mystical Middle East, this essence is created to reveal to us to our golden heritage.
  • We are here to give of our very best and to so become a beautiful beam of light warming all with our loving heart.
  • As we show our true colours we can share the magic of each individual ray. Yet it is when we embrace our shared cosmic connection that each colourful ray of light combines to create the ultimate radiance, Within each and every soul the magician awaits manifestation NOW.
Application Put a few drops on your wrists/palms and apply this essence to the navel/solar plexus region. Breathe in the aroma and inhale the essence from your hands– repeat at least 3 times.

Let there be Light!

Price  $16.50
List price $24.95 ~ You save $8.45

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