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oz_067_peace Peace



Available in a 25ml bottle.

  • Aura Light Australia has an exclusive new Oz Light essence to share PEACE is friend here to remind us to look deep within our hearts. When we open to our heart energy and share this magical energy with others, we can heal relationships within ourselves and others.
  • It is when we live in the now that we find the inner peace and calm - that heartfelt sense that all is well. Attune to universal harmony!
  • Peace was inspired by a beautiful glass bead encasing a world of peaceľ Paradise Found!
  • With the energy of a peaceful pond comes the urge to share dreams, to once again speak from your heart! Bathe yourself in your inner radiance.
  • This is a perfect essence to share as we join together in spreading healing thoughts & energy to all mankindľ all of humanity, all over this land!
Let Serenity Speak!

Price  $16.50
List price $24.95 ~ You save $8.45

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