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al_013_rainbowse Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent

Available in a 30ml plastic bottle
  • Formulated to lift the kundalini (serpent) energy up through all the chakras as well as their connected colours.
  • Assists with alignment of chakras.
  • Facilitates your access to the higher levels of your consciousness.
  • Excellent when combined with the appropriate Chakra Light to clear any "stuck" energies.
  • Creates deep alignment of all Chakras.
  • Releases hindrances which may be retarding your growth.
Application: This essence can be used on the brow chakra as well as the appropriate reflexology points. The essence should be deeply inhaled from the hands 3 times (after rubbing together).

Price  $16.50
List price $24.95 ~ You save $8.45

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